Friday, December 15, 2006

Last week Liz Power took photographs of one of my clients that after our 3rd try at setting up a time.... the only time they could get in the studio was while I was recovering from my surgery. So Liz aka mom did the shoot and got some great shots here are some of my favorites.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Last Saturday I had the honor at being at Abbys 7th birthday party! Her and 7 of her best friends went to The English Rose downtown and had the cutest tea party. It was so fun for me to listen to their conversations and remember being that age! After the party was over I did some photos of Abby with her 2 brothers for their Christmas cards. I think they turned out great! Here are some of my favorites. Thanks Amy!

Abby is 7!
Granny Aggie (my sweet next door neighbor) and her 4 grandkids! Last night I had my last photo session for the year. I am having surgery tomorrow and then we are going to visit Todds family in Ohio for Christmas. So last night we went out with a bang!!! I love Aggie she has been such a wonderful neighbor and friend over the past 6 years... It was very hard for me to call her Granny though..... Here are some of my favorite photographs from our session! Thanks to Kristie and Tracy and your beautiful children!