Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fun Thursday at the Chattanooga Zoo

Today we went to the Chattanooga zoo for our fun Thursday trip. We meet Melody and Ben there and had a great time visiting all of the new exhibits.

The apes were the big hit of the day!
this was my favorite capture of the day. when the huge ape Hank came up to us the kids went nuts! It was so funny!

this shot is from Sunday at a party we went to I just loved it of Kenna and the colors of the leaves.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fun Thursday at the Discovery Museum

Last Thursday I went with several friends of mine and all their kids to the Discovery Museum ( thank you Aunt Lynne). We had such a blast and although it was a bit crazy the kids loved it and I got to experience first hand why people use professional photographers... ( I took my point and shoot camera and could not get any of the kids to stay still long enough to take a picture of them....) Here are a couple of shots for you to enjoy.... ha ha

oh winney..... you are such a fun mommy!

love the super fast shutter speed??
oh wait it's NOT fast! my bad.

Melody and Ben meet us there as well..

Oh Winney, did I say you are a fun mom???

Kenna's new friend Emeline

parker cooking mommy some bread.

sorry Carrie you didn't make it in any of the pictures... not sure how you managed that one...

Angela's sweet girls... you also didn't get in any of the shots Angela... whats up with that?

after we left we were walking back to the cars and the kids spotted this huge slide soooo we had to stop and let them ride it a few times... Sorry again Emeline for Parker landing on top of ya going down!
Kenna looks pretty scared it was a really fast slide.

Thanks again to everyone who went with us. We had a blast and look forward to our trip this week!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Maddie - 2 parties and Sesame Street Live

Well Maddie is now 6 and it is just so hard to believe. We had a super fun - super crazy packed birthday weekend. Maddie had a birthday party at Aunt Lynnes house and had several friend and family members from Atlanta there.

This was the most amazing little girls birthday cake EVER!

That morning we went to Sesame Street Live... Pictures from their website. It was so fun. We went with our cousins and Aunt Lynne! Thank you Aunt Lynne!
Friday was Maddies true b-day so I took cupcakes to her class and spent the day with her new friends.

This picture cracked me up!

Her teacher had me take pics of each of the kids in front of this tree for a "All about Me" project they are doing in class.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

No Nap Thursday

Today we had no nap Thursday..... So off to bed early and mommy gets to get on the computer....

We went downtown with one of my new friends from Concord and her darling son Jack. We played at the playground and then headed over for a quick trip to the Aquarium. (thanks again Aunt Lynne)

These 2 should have been twins. Ever since Maddie went to school they have been inseparable. Its very cute and endearing.

Peek-A-Boo Satchel is Crawling

Ok well I am only about a month behind in posting this. But I just found the photos and thought you grandmas would like to see it! Here is satchel crawling for the first time and pulling himself up for the first time( on the same night) we were all pretty excited for him! ( we were starting to wonder if it was ever going to happen???)