Sunday, September 09, 2007

Carnival with Hixson United Methodist

Saturday Todd and I took the kids to a free fair given by Hixson United Methodist Church a church located near our house. They kids had soooooo much fun even though it had to be 110 degrees outside. Poor satchel got a little sunburned but besides that it was a perfect family activity! Here are some shots from the afternoon.


Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Looks like much fun!
Love you girl!

Mommy Dot Com said...

Thanks for the comment about my family picture. Coming from a real photographer I am... well, feeling pretty big about it. Not just b/c we look BIG in the photo but b/c you are good and any compliment from anyone who actaully knows what they are doing carries a lot of weight. And, again, I don't mean weight on the photo. I mean... you know what I mean. You know what? It is late and my jokes really aren't that funny BUT I am laughing anyways. And if you happen to be up this late and catch this comment really, really tired - you may laugh, too. If you're really, really tired that is.
Love your photos!!!!! FOR REAL!