Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More information about Photography is Fun Workshop in Chattanooga -

Topics we will be covering in the Photography is Fun Workshop...
Understanding your camera... learn what those buttons on your camera are really for....
Some basics of photography - Rule of Thirds - How to set up a great shot. How to properly expose a shot. How to look for the light. How to tell a story with your photographs.

Time for hands on playing with your camera under different lighting situations with the benefit of having an instructor there to help you really get it!

PLUS: A mini session at the end of our time where you can see how I work, then try it yourself with time to ask questions and get answers.

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Winnie Spann said...

I'm SOOOO sad I won't be home for this!! I totally should've purchased my camera sooner and learned to use it properly! Oh well! Hope you have a great turnout at a GREAT home of GREAT peeps! Love those Malones!!