Monday, February 23, 2009

{A Simpson Saturday} Diana Simpson Photography

I have not posted any pictures of my own kids lately. I love my children they are crazy, beautiful, funny, silly and LOUD! Last Saturday was like most Saturdays lot's of fun and busy. The 3 older kids and I went to a birthday party downtown and they got to ride on the carousel at least 5 times each. Then we meet daddy and satchel at the soddy park to enjoy the great weather we were having. Here are a couple photos I got while we were out.

And go have some fun with your kids today!


Liz Power Photography said...

Seeing Maddie on the painted pony with a friend so reminded me of when you were that age. No strangers, just friends you hadn't met yet. I loved the one of Satchel posed to slide down the slide. That is so him. And Mckenna is so beautiful. And Parker...what a boy he is...God has been so good. We are blessed indeed, DD. Love, Poppy

Liz Power Photography said...

Enjoy them while they're little. About the age of sixteen they disappear into their own world and you will only catch glimpses of them. Love, Poppy

Liz Power Photography said...

So I just keep coming back to this blog post so I can get a grandchildren fix. I love them all so much. They are dear treasures from above. Much Love, Poppy

Liz Power Photography said...

Okay, so I'm back again...Love, Poppy