Thursday, February 26, 2009

{Photography Is Fun Workshop II} March 28th 9am -12pm Diana Simpson Photography

I am so excited to announce the second Photography Is Fun workshop for this year. It will be Saturday March 28th 9 am- 12 pm. Lunch will be provided. We had so much fun at the last workshop and I got a lot of positive feedback from those who came. Here are a couple...

Diana, great class tonight. We really enjoyed it and I can't ait for some time to practice with our favorite baby model.
-Trey Commander

I loved the class on Monday night. You are a great presenter and covered so much in a short time. I loved that you had the folder with the handouts and having the examples on the computer screen was very helpful. I knew nothing about our camera until Monday! I also enjoyed the fellowship and thought it was just a fun evening. I spent today going over all my notes and typing them in a more organized way to share with my husband. I wish he had been able to come. He would have enjoyed it. Please let me know if you have another class.
Thanks for all the great info!

Thank you for the class.. I really learned a lot! Actually went to Wolf Camera today and got a flash for my camera.. can’t wait to try it out.. ;)
-Heather M. Hatfield

Hi Diana!
I thought the class was very informational...I really learned a lot! See you soon!

This class is targeted for individuals who have a dslr camera. It is not manditory but we will be covering the settings on your camera and how to best use the features on a slr camera. I will be covering photography basics such as lighting and composition and showing you that photography is FUN! A lunch will be provided and we will also have a live mini shoot near the end of our time. Please email me if you have any questions and I look forward to meeting you soon!

Download Workshop Form HERE

Click below to pay online or Mail your check and form to 8513 West Crabtree Rd. Hixson, TN 37343

Workshop Fee

Here are some photographs taken by students from our first class:


Liz Power Photography said...

I love what you are doing with this. You are amazing!!! Love, Poppy

Liz Power Photography said...

This looks like lots of fun. I hope a lot of people sign up. How many have so far? Love, Poppy

Liz Power Photography said...

Happy Anniversary. You two are the best! Love, Poppy

Liz Power Photography said...

Photography and the technological revolution. Whew! I love to learn...I am glad you're teaching. So proud of you. Love, Poppy