Sunday, March 15, 2009

{The Payne Family} Chattanooga Maternity Photographer - Diana Simpson Photography

Saturday afternoon I traveled over to the Payne home for a maternity/family session. They are expecting baby #4 (Seth) and to say the kids are excited about their new little brother is an understatement.  The boys are ready to have a new little brother to teach everything to and  I think Maddie is excited to have a new doll to play with. I LOVE this family. I love the way they play together, read together, fight together, build together and the way they just laugh and love each other. I know they would say only for the grace of God... and I would agree. God has blessed them. They are such a wonderful example to me of what family is supposed to look like. I admire and look up to them so much! Thank you Payne Family! Below are some of my favorites and the SLIDESHOW


A Fun Family said...

Hi Diana-
I was chatting on the phone w/ Toni the other day and she told me about you and the pics- great job! They are beautiful!
I am having trouble locating the "slideshow" that was mentioned at the beginning of your post. Am I missing something? I'd love to see it- the Paynes are some of our best friends and we live long-distance...I'd be so thrilled to be able to view a slideshow, if possible :)
P.S.- I wish I lived close enough to attend your photography class!!!

Liz Power Photography said...

Hi DD: Love your ministry to families. You are such a blessing. Love, Popppy