Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Trip to Savannah - Diana Simpson Children Photographer Chattanooga TN

This past weekend Todd & I took the kids to Savannah GA for my cousins wedding. It was a long drive with the 4 kids but well worth it since I have not seen some of my family for over 3 years. I did really bad about not taking many pictures and I am afraid these are about all of the ones I did take... I meant to take more but time just flew by... Sorry family....

I loved this shot of their wedding photographer on the floor taking a photograph of 2 of my kids at the reception... you go girl!

The bride and my cuz... Curtis and his parents
My Gran and all of her great- grandchildren... 
my cuz Danny and his crew
my cousins boy Hunter
The 3 men in my life.....

my cousins son Tyner
my cousin Davids family
After the rehearsal dinner we toured this pirate ship on the bay the boys LOVED it!
My beautiful Maddie
Where's Mason???


Jason Mitchell said...

Awesome pics. Love them.

Okay this should give you the link to my blog.

Not quite as colorful as yours :)

Jason Mitchell said...

Hey girl! It was so good to see you and all the fam. Sienna was in love with your kids, all she keeps talking about is her "sousins." Jason and I were saying how we wish we lived closer to y'all. It is always so easy to talk with you. Love the pics, you are so stink'n creative. Hope y'all had a easy trip back to TN. We got home in 12 hours, so that was pretty good. Hopefully, we won't go another 3 years without seeing each other. Love ya, jenny

Stephanie said...

Fun! I miss seeing you!!!!

Jana Kunz said...

I really like the one where he is peeking out of the tree. These are very cute. :)

Martha said...

What a fun weekend! Call me crazy but the crying kid in the Gran shot makes me smile :) The pirate ship looks great too!